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Who Is Charge Of The House of Representatives, Chaplain?

Congress isn’t getting its job of passing a budget done, but the government-sanctioned chaplains of Congress keep on giving conspicuous public prayers asking their god to intervene, and force Congress perform its basic functions. If their god exists, he either doesn’t care about the government shutdown, or he doesn’t have sufficient power to get the parties to make a deal.

So, on Friday, Reverend Patrick J. Conroy, the government-established Chaplain of the House of Representatives, gave another prayer in front of all the members of the House. He said, “We ask again that You bless the Members of the people’s House with the understanding that it is their work to develop the strategies and plans to assuage the fears of their fellow countrymen and women. We ask again that You impel those who possess power here in the Capitol to…”

chaplain patrick conroyAnd that’s where I had to take a big pause. It’s more than just a bit uppity for an employee of the U.S. House of Representatives to stand up and, on national television, invoke supernatural powers to take magical control of other people working there.

Besides, Chaplain Conroy can’t seem to make up his mind about who he really wants to be in charge of Congress. On the one hand, he’s begging his god to take possession of members of Congress, to force them to take particular actions. On the other hand he says of members of Congress that “it is their work to develop the strategies and plans”.

You can’t have it both ways, preacher. Do you want your big spirit in the sky to control members of Congress, or do you want them to think for themselves?

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