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Know of a nifty Liberal Utah Group or News Source? Tell Me About It!

For a while now, we’ve been maintaining a list of liberal social movement organizations and news sources for Utah and Utahns. It’s a pretty conservative state, all right, but the last time we looked a few years ago we were surprised at the number of vibrant, active groups on the left.

Tonight, I headed over to our Utah list to give it a good updating, and I found that a lot of the liberal movement groups and blogs had fallen into silence or ceased to exist entirely. This happens from time to time with low-budget groups that run on fire in the belly; the trick is to find the new groups, blogs, radio shows and other lefty entities that have sprouted up to replace them.

I’d appreciate your help. Check out the updated list of lefty Utah resources I’ve pieced back together. Then tell me — what am I missing? Who and what do I need to include to create a full picture of liberal Utah in 2013?

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