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It’s been a Big Gay Year. Where are the Hurricanes of Doom?

Motivational speaker Ken Crow is the latest right-wing Christian to declare that God will use natural disaster as an instrument of judgment against communities that allow same-sex marriage. Crow posted to Twitter yesterday: “Will gay marriage destroy America?”

Ken Crow: Will Gay Marriage Destroy America?

Crow links to his own article in that Tweet. Crow’s article supplies the answer to the question in its title, “Will Gay Marriage Be Americas Final Doom“:

The ravaged city of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina is of course another major blow to our nation along with wild fires that have devastated many of our western states…. We have been assaulted by horrendous weather events along with volcano eruptions and even a litany of mass murderers. America has been the victim of F-4 and 5 tornadoes that have ravaged cities and killed thousands.

Crow is following the example set before him by an increasingly long line of right-wing preachers who predict that where same-sex marriage is legalized, the mighty hurricanes of God will follow. These include:

The year 2013 offers an excellent opportunity to test this notion of anti-Gay weather judgment. In November 2012 the people of multiple states voted to legalize same-sex marriage. God might have punished the nation immediately in November and December, but He didn’t; I suspect he may have had His hands full sending Jesus out for Christmas shopping. Over the Winter, Spring and Summer of 2013, a number of state legislatures legalized same-sex marriage too. In the Fall, New Jersey has legalized same-sex marriage, and a number of other states are considering doing the same. If those fundamentalist preachers are right, now would seem to be the moment for God to roll out his mighty hurricanes of vengeance.

What has the actual 2013 hurricane season looked like? Take a look:

The mild, mild 2013 hurricane season

There have been hardly any hurricanes to make landfall in the United States. There was one that tracked up the U.S. East Coast, but by the time it got to any states that had legalized same-sex marriage, it had lost its potency and was a mere rainstorm. The other two hurricanes that hit the U.S. hung out on the coastline of the American South, where no states have even made moves toward legalizing same-sex marriage. All the other hurricanes meandered around the Atlantic or hit Latin American countries where same-sex marriage is still illegal.

What gives, Jehovah? Is your aim off? Did you strain your Mighty Elbow in a tennis incident? That must be it. The alternatives — that there is no God, or that God doesn’t give a hoot about same-sex marraige — are unthinkable.

3 thoughts on “It’s been a Big Gay Year. Where are the Hurricanes of Doom?”

  1. stupid says:

    So when it’s a year of many hurricanes hitting the states it’s a spin for global warming… oops I mean climate change. When it’s a quiet year for hurricanes it’s time to spin it another direction. How opportunistic.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      The difference is between:

      A) pastors pulling claims out of their tuckuses that are actually contradicted by reality, and

      B) scientists looking at the actual world around them, conducting careful study, and finding an association in the data — see here, here and here, just for starters. As important as the full text of the articles are the references to cumulated understanding in others’ research.

  2. ABratt Tupelo Liberal says:

    These Christian-Right Homophobes are detrimental to the reputation of the Christian Faith!

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