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Worship Thor?

The third movie featuring Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is coming out in theaters on the 8th of November – Brits get to see it first. I wonder, how many films will Thor need to be in before we can be said to be worshiping him again?

Also, does the fact that the actor who plays Loki, Thor’s trickster foster brother, also played a role in a biographical film about Jane Austen suggest the existence of an unconscious cultural effort to recast British literature in a more Nordic light, in a replay of the Saxon invasion?

Is Thor’s hammer a Black and Decker product placement?

What conditioner does Thor use to keep his hair from tangling?

Is the introduction of elves into the newest Thor movie a hint that Peter Jackson and Marvel will be teaming up to create Thor Underhill: To Niflheim and Back Again?

Do they serve either fava beans or chianti in Valhalla?

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