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How Would Rural Folksiness Change The White House?

Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics says that Montana’s Democratic Governor, Brian Schweitzer, who was mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012, would bring “a hefty dose of rural folksiness” to the 2016 presidential campaign.

How would a hefty dose of rural folksiness change the 2016 presidential campaign? What if Schweitzer decided to just bring a mild dose of it?

How would rural folksiness change our foreign or domestic policy if Schweitzer was elected President?

2 comments to How Would Rural Folksiness Change The White House?

  • Jim Cook

    Well, maybe a President Schweitzer could “shuck” off his “husk”y jeans or something, you know, like an updated Lewinsky thing with “Leaves of Grass.”

  • Dave

    Does he have a smile like Mr. Peanut and a brother named Billy? We’ve had the “hefty dose of rural folksiness” once before. I’d ask those who didn’t vote for Jimmy Carter in 1980 how it affects the campaign.

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