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Video from the October 26 Anti-Surveillance Rally in Washington DC

It wasn’t the largest DC protest I’ve ever been to, but it was easily the most diverse: anti-authoritarian, pro-constitution civil liberties people and groups from all corners of the political tetrahedron were in evidence at today’s Stop Watching Us march and demonstration against the massive, unconstitutional government surveillance of our communications, whereabouts, associations and activities.

The following video shares a montage of still images, moving images and audio captured today of protesters at the October 26 Stop Watching Us rally in Washington, DC against the massive warrantless surveillance of the U.S. government. It’s just a bit of what I saw, but I hope it gives you a good taste:

Footage includes signs, flags, the great President Obama papier mache head and excerprts of the live staging of “Party at the NSA” in front of the Capitol building by Yacht (see for more details on this satirical song).

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