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USA Saved From 60 Million Terrorist Spaniards By NSA Spying

Newsflash: Today Americans learned that the largest terrorist conspiracy ever was thwarted 10 months ago by the then-secret National Security Agency electronic spying program. The Big Brother surveillance program, which also grabs the content of people’s emails, texts, and private use of the Internet, intercepted telephone calls from 60 million Spaniards between December 2012 and January this year.

As we all know, the NSA spying is only being done to protect us from terrorists. The Obama Administration has told us quite clearly that innocents are not being spied upon.

We know for sure that Barack Obama and his aides would never ever ever ever ever lie to us. They have brought us change we can believe in, and the age of Yes We Can, after all. (Might I add a big thank you to the Democratic Party for that, and for the very effective leadership in averting a regular cycle of crisis and draconian domestic budget cuts that would have taken place under a Republican president?)

The only explanation for this latest revelation is that 60 million Spaniards were poised to launch a terrorist attack against us innocent Americans.

Thank you for saving us from this evil menace, NSA! Barack Obama sure has turned things around from when George W. Bush was President! God bless America!

60 million angry spaniards

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