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Million Mask March: 424 Protests in Dozens of Nations. Why No Major Media Coverage?

If you knew there were more than 400 simultaneous protests being planned worldwide for November 5 2013, would you consider that a matter worthy of a news report?


Is this wave of protests in Europe worth a blurb in the newspaper?


How about these November 5 protests planned across the United States?

Million Mask March Protests Planned Around the World November 5 2013

These protests are being planned as part of the November 5 Million Mask March, the marquee event of which is occurring in Washington DC at the Washington Monument but parallel events of which are happening around the globe. Visit this page to find a Million Mask March near you: unless you live in a very, very remote area, there’s a Million Mask March near you. There’s one in Montana. There’s one in Wyoming. There’s even one in the depopulated South Dakota.

Yet I encourage you to search for articles in the “professional” news media over the last 7 days featuring the phrase “Million Mask March”. As of today, the only story regarding the “Million Mask March” appearing in “professional” news outlets is a letter to the editor of the Chico Enterprise-Record opposing the march, declaring that “Their official statements are filled with rebellion against all authority and if followed will create chaos and violence like that seen in other countries in the midst of revolution.”

That’s it. Meanwhile, there are 9.1 million news stories about the “Red Sox” over the last 7 days. Just think about that contrast for a moment.

I am not altogether sure what the “Million Mask March” is about, even after reading its press release

The topics to be discussed at the protests range from international issues such as the NSA’s spying program, genetically modified foods, and a general overreach of government to local issues that are pressing in the individual March areas.

John Fairhurst, organizer of the Washington D.C. March said recently in an interview “The main purpose of the event is to draw attention to the causes being represented. But it also serves to put the governments of the world on notice that we are watching, and that we expect them to address those causes. With the government’s lack of response to the people’s needs, they should have expected us.”

… and that’s a problem. But I do believe you have the right to know that these protests exist. Now you do. If you believe others in your life have the right to know about these protests, you have the power to make that happen.

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