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Geovanni’s Anonymous Speech to the Million Mask March on November 5 2013

This morning, a speech by the pseudonymous Geovanni B will be read at scores of the nearly 450 protest locations of the Million Mask March.

I’m posting it here.

I don’t agree with it all.

But in the face of the utter news blackout in the leadup to the Million Mask March, I think you have the right to read your fellow human beings’ thoughts.

Go ahead, read it. React. That’s what rule by the people is supposed to be about.

Geovanni B (Edits also By John F)

To all the Peoples of this Nation, We are the United States of America. We have come today, the Fifth of November 2013, Anonymously and Peacefully as One; Indivisible, without regard to age, color, income, religion, nor sex. From the coast of one Great Ocean, to the coast of Another, we come to gather as the children of Love & Freedom. We Stand with the heaviest of hearts at the Precarious State of Our Union, and our World. We Stand with sincere Hope of molding a better future, unlike the empty promises of those currently in power. We Stand in solidarity, here in Washington DC, and in Capitals Worldwide, with Most serious purpose: to Awaken our Human Brethren out of their Slothful Slumber. Listen to our wise counsel, America, and allow our words to open your eyes, lest we blindly perish

We are here to provide a warning to our Countrymen, that a rocky abyss awaits us if we continue this path off the precipice. We will no longer sit still as We see our beloved land veering dangerously far from Liberty’s Light toward Dictatorial Darkness. We rise up Our Voice with Love, yet Determination in the manner of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Our only armaments are The Truth and Goodwill toward all. With Love for our God, with Love for ourselves, Love for our families, our neighbors, and Love for our Country and World, we seek to correct our course. This country needs to realize we are One, United from many, and what is done to some affects us all. Our history is marred by scars that will never heal, like the tragedies of slavery and the genocide of the native peoples, but we must also realize that to wallow in the sins of the past is purely destructive. Let us learn from these mistakes, and come together not in a spirit of retribution, but of brotherhood. Despite our many differences there is much we have in common. Regardless of your political beliefs, we all want what is best for our children and ourselves. We can all agree that Peace and Prosperity for our entire Planet is not a Utopian pipe dream, but a valiant goal to strive toward

We, the Aggrieved People of America gather at Congress’ doorstep to be Heard! Our Will has been Ignored for far too long. The Members of Congress, along with their financiers, are Not our Royalty, and we are Not their Subjects. The crimes committed by our leaders against the very Freedoms they have sworn to uphold are Too many to name. We Stand here, United, to prevent Any further erosion of our Civil Liberties. Once lost, Freedom will not easily be restored to this land. The Bill of Rights, its words the Bedrock of a Free Society, has never been so tested, and the time has come for this Generation to Stand up.

Without the pretense of Shame, and Reeking of Despotism, the United States Government Spies on its People, assassinates Citizens with remote drones, passes unjust laws no one has read, then Lies unabashedly when Truth finally struggles to the surface. We label men like Ellsberg, Manning, & Snowden as terrorists & traitors because they dare to lift the Veil of Untruth. In Violation of the Sixth Amendment, we detain such “dissidents” indefinitely, sometimes without the right to a public trial. This is a slap in the face to every patriot sacrificed on the altar of Freedom. The People deserve a transparent Governance & this deception will no longer be tolerated.

There is No ruling class in a Constitutional Republic. We the People rebuke our Governors for Misspending Too Much of the People’s money, yet doing Too Little to actually benefit us. This unprecedented level of corrupt mismanagement will Stop. Lobbying and selling your votes to the highest bidder, shall no longer be regarded as the status quo. Your Zeal for the destruction of our Founding Document is Unforgivable, as you enact laws that strip away our Liberty and Ignore the Constitution in the name of Safety. This Republic is Of the People, By the People, and For the People, NOT the property of the Ruling Elites.

The Federal Government’s Taxation obscene. Like two omnipotent hands strangling the Governed, One robs the People to fund Congress’ excesses, while the other uses the Internal Revenue Service like the sixth branch of the military to destroy its political enemies. Again, this is wholly UnAmerican. The treasury belongs to its people, not an Oligarchy of chosen few who print money out of thin air, then enslave the populace with debt. The citizens deserve to decide what their money is spent on. Welfare, whether foreign or domestic, in exchange for Loyalty is no longer acceptable to those that fund this country through the sweat of their labours.

After more than a decade of War, Congress’ war making powers need to be redressed. When threatened, the People of this Nation have proven to be Brave and Fierce warriors, but National Defence should be just that: National DEFENCE. Democracy at the point of a gun is no Democracy at all. America’s Offensive Wars of Fortune are Reckless & have been Criminally overpaid by the blood of American youth and innocents in villages far away. We, the Battle Weary, Demand an end to foreign engagements for the purpose of “Nation Building”. To borrow money to fund our “Democracy by Force” is Dangerous & Foolish. We claim to be battling terrorism, yet we create thousands more enemies with our heavy-handed actions. The Military Industrial Complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about has now become a cancer eating this world alive, and needs to be excised. While claiming Neutrality, we arm both sides of a conflict, then sit back and watch the world burn as we count our money

“We are a benign Empire,” you may claim, “providing more aid to other nations during times of crisis than the rest of the world combined.” In answer we reply, what possible good can we be during the next catastrophic tsunami or devastating earthquake if our storehouse is barren? It is no longer correct, nor financially feasible to destroy a country at will, then remake it in our image. We Cannot continue to subsidize the entirety of the Earth. This irresponsibly bankrupting foreign aid must be reigned in. Let us rebuild OUR nation First, before we can be of any real benefit to others. Let us allow the rest of the world to care for their own affairs, before we assume the American way is what’s best for all. Once we have been cleansed of our own Corruption, we may regain our moral authority, & right to lead this planet. A Nation enslaved to Debtors cannot possibly free another.

The United States of America, the “shining city on the hill”, Freest, most prosperous Nation in all the history of humanity, has taken that precious gift for Granted. To the People we say, Wake Up! How can we offer Liberty to the third-world, when so many of our very citizens do not understand it? America has allowed itself to decline precipitously at a time when it can least afford to. Why do we allow ourselves to be divided so easy, when we must actually be uniting in order to battle a greater enemy? How distracted we are by the state-run Media’s stories. Have our electronics robbed our free-thinking? Are we STILL the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave?

Like ancient Rome before us, there are many that seek our destruction, from within and from without, while our forces are spread thin fighting engagements the People do not comprehend. Like Roman citizens before Rome’s destruction, the American People have become Too Comfortable. No longer are we self-sufficient, as we look always to Government, like a doting parent, for our basic needs. The days of the Victory Garden are long gone. A populace lost IN Dependence is NOT an Independent Populace. We Are Lazy, Selfish, and Most dangerous of All, Ignorant. Our people care more about the latest celebrity fashion trend or newest gadget, than who our leaders are or what malice they are up to. Daily we cede Individual Liberty and Vast new powers to the political class who’s only concern is perpetuating its own Greed & Vanity.

The Free Market, our economic engine, is broken. After providing more prosperity to the masses than Feudalism, Fascism, & Communism could ever dream to, it has been Perverted, and is now nothing more than a den of Liars and Thieves. The People can no longer strive for the American Dream of prosperity derived from hard work and dedication. Monstrous “Too Big to Fail” Monopolies have been allowed to choke the life out of the Small Business Owner, the life breath of our Prosperity. We have lost our freedom of commerce, de-evolving into an out of control Casino, with repetitive and destructive “Bubble then Burst” cycles created by their unchecked irresponsibility with Our Banking System. Ask yourself America, why are the very perpetrators of our Depression “Bailed out” while the People are left to Rot?!

Profit is not the evil we gather to decry, as it is only fair a man receive recompense for his labors. We are here to Decry companies that allow PROFIT to replace Human Decency, holding the lives of the People Expendable over another dollar. We shall no longer look upon blindly as the well-being of the average American is sacrificed in the pursuit of more money. We, the Citizens of this Nation, permit irresponsible profit seekers to poison us with Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, High-fructose Corn Syrup, Genetically Modified Organisms, and many other cost-cutting, money-making killers. These Are Unreasonable Profits with no regard to future consequences, including, not only knowingly harming its customers’ health, but possibly causing irreparable damage to our very Genetic Code. Why are Diseases Spiking at a time of medical technology’s greatest advancements? Why is Obesity so rampant here, while the rest of the world is allowed to starve? Once again we have ceded our power. This time to the Corporations run by the gangsters of Wall Street who fund the lobbyists, who fund the Congressmen, who fund the generous business donors in one incestuous cycle of insider trading and villainy.

The way forward may not be simple, yet the solutions are. We don’t need Government to feed us, nor material possessions to complete us. The only things we really require as human beings to be content are Love, Respect, and a Thankful Heart. The one thing religions the world over can agree on is to treat others as you would want to be treated. If we show unconditional Love to our fellow man we will reap a bounty in return of Epic proportions. We must Respect our elders as well as our children, as there is much wisdom to be gained from both. Abuse for either will never again be tolerated. Our Planet and All of Her residents, human or otherwise deserve the Utmost respect. Energy can be produced cleanly, efficiently and plentifully in our Own nation if the stranglehold of the Oil Cartels can ever be broken. It is our imperative to leave our home cleaner than we found it for those yet to be born to enjoy. Most Importantly we must all be thankful for all our many blessings, our fellow travelers, our every breath. Be happy with what you have. We do not suggest you stop dreaming of better things, as there is Pride in hard work and responsibility. This Country must rise above entitlement. Love is Charity, but caring for each other must be done willingly, not by Governmental Edict. Let us evolve past Selfishness & Greed, and together work toward a better Future for all Humanity.

America must return to the ideals handed down to us by our Founders. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence set forth rules a Free People should follow in order to remain so. We turn our backs on the Wisdom of our Elders at our own Peril. We must strive to be strong of body and of mind. Education should be foremost, lest we perpetuate the ignorance. There is no need to change our entire medical system into yet another all powerful bureaucracy, when just a little more physical activity and responsible eating will cure most of our ills. In order to become free of our reliance to an all powerful Government we Must be more self sufficient. Grow your own food. Exercise with your loved ones. Share the bounty of your efforts in the spirit of Fellowship. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Every man is created equal, imbued by our Creator with the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Let Us Live. Let us Be Free. Let Us Be Happy. In George Orwell’s book, 1984, a Nightmare vision is presented of a Dystopian future where the few rule over the many with an iron first, and dissent is crushed swiftly and brutally. This would be easily dismissed were it just a work of fiction, but history has taught us repeatedly that true freedom is the real fiction. Man has Lorded over Man since the first days of our kind. If we do not Awaken Immediately we shall soon return to the oppressive state that is common among Humanity. Like Gandhi and Dr. King let us Dream of a beautiful future were we are ALL Free to pursue or own destiny!

Toward this end we make this NEW Declaration of Independence. We declare our Independence from the Enlightened Few who seek to Subjugate and Rule. We declare our Freedom from an All powerful Bureaucracy. Power belongs to the Governed and is better managed locally. We declare our intention as the Children of Love and Freedom, to fill this Earth with lives full of LOVE, RESPECT, & THANKSGIVING, not servitude to the ever more Heartless Iron Fist. We are now Awakened and United, and as people with hopes and feelings, deserving of the bounty this Planet can provide. Let Us contemplate these words. Meditate on their Meaning, and Let Us return a year from now, on November 5, 2014 a Stronger, Wiser, Infinitely Loving People ready to Give more than we Take. Humanity will either Transcend its baser impulses or we shall allow ourselves to be Destroyed. If there is to be a New World Order, let the People decide what it is to be. We have seen enough war, pestilence, famine, and death. A new age of Freedom, Charity, Peace, and Love has begun so that all the Peoples of America & the World may Thrive. Thank You, and Namaste. Peace be with You.

11 thoughts on “Geovanni’s Anonymous Speech to the Million Mask March on November 5 2013”

  1. Tom says:

    As per his final paragraph – tell it to the goon squad armed to the teeth and ready to kill on orders. If this speech is declared “a danger to the homeland” it’s followers could find themselves visited by certain agencies who take care of this type of “sedition” and either “disappear” people like this or possibly drone strike them when the opportunity arises.
    As per the NSA – they KNOW who we are and what we’re up to, so they can nip any deviation from the psychopathic course we’re on (over the environmental, economic and social cliffs all at the same time) in the bud. Remember Kent State? Yeah – they’ll just gun you down and that’s the end of that protest. Politics is completely out of the hands of we the sheeple now and there’s no going back or “fixing it” by political means – that door has been nailed shut.

    Protest no longer does any good – and judging by the lack of media coverage – not many are paying any attention.

  2. John Lewis Mealer says:

    —Many moon shall pass within this realm of consciousness yet far shall truly awaken when the sun crosses our sky. Our sky we call blue. Our sky we call clear. Our sky we call blue where the eagle does soar…—-

    Okay. Not sure about anyone else here, but I would certainly take this much more seriously if this were written without the poetic verse and by someone who obviously had too much time on their hands.

    It makes sense. It rings true, but the use of words destroyed the impact of the meaning. I wasn’t sure if I should weep uncontrollably, gather up arms and ammo or simply go to the commune for a high coffee enema.

    At least Tom made a clear and concise response. Thanks Tim.

  3. John Lewis Mealer says:

    Errr… Tom and Jim.
    Thanks See? The words cause you two to become one in my mind.

    Hello folks, just keep the powder dry.

  4. Dave says:

    This speech would be received with thunderous applause at any Tea Party rally. Come together, people!

  5. J Clifford says:

    “The crimes committed by our leaders against the very Freedoms they have sworn to uphold are Too many to name.”

    No. No, the crimes are not too many to name. Name them, please. I want to know what you’re talking about, specifically, so that I can tell what kind of laws your “movement” would like to implement, if it was given power.

    You’re asking for prime time television, Maskers, but you still haven’t figured out what you want.

    Coherence matters.

  6. Bill says:

    Aside from being ungrammatical and pompous, the weird thing is that this reads like the love child of a hippy and a teabagger funded by Pete Peterson. Bizarre and disappointing.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      It reads to me like someone who is young, who cares, and who should be encouraged to reflect and develop.

      1. Bill says:

        Point well taken, Jim. If these folks have a ‘message’ it would seem to be “Hey, we’re alienated…about, you know, stuff. And, certainly, inchoate alienation is a step along the growth path toward progressivism…but likewise also along the mutually contradictory paths toward bigotry, fascism, religionism, consumerism, nihilism, sociopathy, you name it. Alienation is that first step away from the herd, the sine qua non of individuation. But that first step may lead you in any direction, so it is perilous indeed, just as youth itself is perilous indeed.

        The mask thing is fascinating to me. I don’t want to over-think it, but still…. In its original Anonymous context it made good sense, Anonymous being dedicated to…shall we say…extra-legal actions, and therefore anonymity was important. Also, the smirk and the facelessness play on the 1%’s fears in interesting ways, and the reference to Guy Fawkes conveys a nice veiled threat. But I doubt that even one in a thousand of these folks are Anonymous in any meaningful sense, so what’s up with the mask then (which, after all, is the self-defining characteristic of the Million Mask March)? I assume it reflects self-identification with fellow alienates (if I may coin a phrase), just as my waist-long hair did when I was 20 years old. Still, I find defacement an interesting means of identification and individuation. Maybe that’s what the singularity will really be all about?

  7. John Lewis Mealer says:

    The singularity or faceless masses does make a point, but there are those of us still young enough to throw bravado to the wind, make certain our name is spelled correctly and charge into the fray knowing full well we will pay for it, AND old enough not to give a damn what happens when we do it.

    The hurdle is for people such as myself to get along with those who wear the mask and to draw in those who are to afraid to make a step in either direction. Then again, the masks have the hurdle of dealing with the pitch fork wielding crowd as well… It’s a toss up.

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