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Can You Spot The Fake Ethnography?

One of the following titles is not from a real ethnography. Can you pick the fake study?

Sociable robots, jazz music, and divination: Contingency as a cultural resource for negotiating problems of intentionality.

You Have Dislodged a Boulder: Mothers and Prisoners in the Post Keynesian California Landscape.

Legos, gummy bears and helplessness: Facilitating ethnic identity in the postmodern dance studio.

Producing affect: Transnational volunteerism in a Malaysian orangutan rehabilitation center.

Another country is the past: Western cowboys, Lanna nostalgia, and bluegrass aesthetics as performed by professional musicians in Northern Thailand.

Mobile phones and Mipoho’s prophecy: The powers and dangers of flying language.

Marginal utilities, time, and zombies: Comment on Jane Guyer’s “Prophecy and the near future: Thoughts on macroeconomic, evangelical, and punctuated time”.

Audit cultures: Neoliberal governmentality, socialist legacy, or technologies of governing?

Traversing No Man’s Land in Search of An(Other) Identity – An Autoethnographic Account.

Baseball, Beer, and Bulgari –Examining Cultural Capital and Gender Inequality in a Retail Fashion Corporation.

Proletarian or Promethean?–Impacts of Automation and Program Integration on Social Service Workers and Their Clients.

Future Knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Fake Ethnography?”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    I absolutely can’t. They all look like plausible academic titles to me.

  2. T R A Madan says:

    Is it the one about lego?

  3. J. Clifford says:

    Bingo, TRA … but it ought to be real.

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