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Reason #62 not to Sell on CafePress Marketplace: Must You Sell CafePress to your Friends?

For some time now, we have recommended that conscientious Americans stop selling items on the CafePress Marketplace. Why? The online print-on-demand venue takes the image you have created and reserves the right to sell it on sweatshop-made crap — without telling you. Say it three times: “CafePress Marketplace = Sweatshop Crap.” Two more times now and you’ll remember it. Here at take the alternative route of supporting this website by selling on our separate CafePress Shop or at Skreened, online domains in which we still have the power to sell only products that are made in countries with reasonable labor laws.

But if you really needed another reason to avoid selling on the CafePress Marketplace, here’s that reason: as of November 1 2013, unless you promote the CafePress Marketplace by following other designers and leading your own fan base to the CafePress Marketplace, you’ll get paid about half as much for every item that you’ve sold with your image on it. In order to make any kind of decent return, you have to start selling the CafePress Marketplace to your family, your friends and your acquaintances. You have to turn yourself into their “volunteer” marketer.

Don’t let yourself be turned into a tool of corporate capital. Stop selling on the CafePress Marketplace.

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