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Guy Fawkes Protest Mask Graphics For Printing

It has come to our attention, through our coverage of the Million Mask March, that there are many protesters aligned with the mysterious hacker group Anonymous who are in search of Guy Fawkes masks to wear to street protests. As a service to those protesters, and in the spirit of hacksterism, we are offering the following two printable graphics for Anonymous – V Is For Vendetta – activists to wear to street marches and the like. Now, you too can show your face as one of the faceless in the crowd, and celebrate the tradition of Guy Fawkes, which is… you know.

This first image of a printable Guy Fawkes mask is flat and simple. Just print it out and slap it over your face, so that no one else can see…


This second Guy Fawkes mask image is a bit more complex. You cut the pieces out, where the lines indicate, and then paste it back together, for a more 3D effect.


Have fun at the protest! You show those people at Parliament who’s boss, okay?

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