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How To Be Smart

make smart decisionsThe very smart people at the Harvard Business Review have a new issue out at news stands, with a feature article advising us “How To Make Smarter Decisions”. (Not to be confused with the book Making Smart Decisions published by the Harvard Business Review two years ago – apparently, business leaders didn’t learn to make smart decisions after reading that one.)

Articles in upcoming issues of the Harvard Business Review include:

How Not To Be Stupid

4 Ways To Be Wise

Don’t Be A Fool!

Being A Genius: A Primer

How To Stop Fucking Up

Win More By Losing Less

Hey You! Would You Like To Be Less Of An Embarrassment?

What On Earth Were You Thinking?

You Never Went To Harvard, But Now You Can Have This Magazine

Why Must You?

5 Pages Of Writing That Will Finally Turn Your Career Around

This Magazine Is Sold At Stores Nationwide, But Here Are Some Tips Your Competition Won’t Know About

Success: The Recipe

One thought on “How To Be Smart”

  1. Dave says:

    Howbout “Turning Your Flowcharts Into Cash on Etsy”.

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