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American Family Association: If You Don’t Talk About Christmas, You Hate Christmas

The American Family Association is at it again. Having bullied corporate retail chains across the country into inserting Christmas references into pet supply circulars and advertisements for drywall, the AFA is pushing the same chains to place even more references to Baby Jesus. Sending a new set of ratings to its diminishing band of followers, the AFA is attacking the following corporations as “Marginal on Christmas”:
Bath & Body Works
Hy-Vee Stores
True Value
Whole Foods

Why? Because they don’t mention the Baby Jesus holiday in their advertisements? No. The American Family Association is attacking these corporations because they don’t mention the Baby Jesus in each and every one of their advertisements. And the following corporations are attacked as actively “Against Christmas”:

Barnes & Noble
Family Dollar
Foot Locker
Limited Brands
Office Depot
Radio Shack
Victoria’s Secret

Why? Because they don’t include “Christmas” in their advertisements? No. These corporations do feature the word “Christmas” in their advertisements. The American Family Association says the corporations are against Christmas because they advertise particular products using the word “Christmas,” but don’t have a separate banner in their advertisements that also uses the word.

Really, it’s come to that.

6 thoughts on “American Family Association: If You Don’t Talk About Christmas, You Hate Christmas”

  1. John Lewis Mealer says:

    Christmas is supposed to be celebrated by we Christians, but these groups are getting a bit out of control. In fact, they are creating a very serious crime called Intentional Interference for one….

  2. Bill says:

    Next up: AFA lists synagogues that are “against Christmas.”

  3. John Lewis Mealer says:

    Tom, I am not saying it’s the right approach to the Philippines and their need for a US force to help fight off the many people who are fighting against them, but they could use a US military presence simply to help them fight the various groups at war with their government.

    I’d hate to see the place taken over by the US, because we all know that they would wind up being pushed to prostitution and taken advantage of that way, just as the US did with Cuba when we were trading with them.

    1. J Clifford says:

      The Philippines already had a big US presence to “help”, for many generations, and Uncle Sam did nothing to diminish the fighting among groups in the country.

      1. John Lewis Mealer says:

        Yes, I realize that… But the military heads talk about it anyway.

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