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Has Edward Snowden Revealed Documents Proving A Chemtrails Conspiracy Exists?

Our reader Tom posted a request for information yesterday: “I would like to know if there’s any validity to this:

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, the hacker who gained access to every secret corner of the Internet during his tenure at the NSA, has come forward with details of a classified project to alter the world’s climate.”

This particular article is an easy one to debunk. It’s published at The Internet Chronicle, a website that specializes in writing outrageously sarcastic untruths. The latest article at the site quotes the CEO of LinkedIn, a professional social network, as saying, “Destroying your own life has never been easier… With the power of LinkedIn, users will soon be able to share their favorite surreptitious jailbait photographs with people they know in real life, at unprecedented profits to us.”

Don’t get the sarcasm yet? Read the “About” page at the Internet Chronicle, and you’ll find the following information: “At the Chronicle.SU, we take truth seriously. We take what we do so seriusly, untruths at are punishable by mutilation or death. Sadly, is not of this earth. After crash landing in an asteroid December 30th, 1976, the alien husks of Chronicle editors rapidly adapted to Earth climates and bacterial flora. They are able to survive naturally in the wild and reproduce freely.” When you read an article from the Internet Chronicle claiming something that’s shocking, you’re simply reading without airquotes.

edward snowden chemtrailsThere are, however, other articles that describe documents leaked by Edward Snowden, which purportedly confirm that an international chemtrails conspiracy exists.

One I found this morning was published by The Guardian. Well, it was published by the Las Vegas Guardian Express ( – Chemtrails in the Air Causing Cancer and Other Illness). This article states, “Edward Snowden, the whistleblower on the NSA, has revealed some details. Chemtrails began in the 1960s as a major part of a secret lab called Muad’Dib with Monsanto very much involved. He said the chemtrails were not difficult to hide because they were disguised in commercial aircrafts as additives and that the chemicals released are very dangerous, even in minute quantities. He further says, ‘The most dangerous thing is that although chemtrails are keeping the climate of the U.S. reasonably stable, citizens are bombarded every day with an invisible rain of carbon-laden molecules, and the effect on health is totally unknown.'”

So, is this the real deal? Although the author of the Las Vegas Guardian Express article appears to be in earnest, she cites the Internet Chronicle article as the source for her information about the chemtrails leak by Edward Snowden, and takes the supposed quote from Snowden straight from the Internet Chronicle article.

A good way to tell if a piece of information truly came from Edward Snowden’s NSA files is to see whether The Guardian (the British newspaper, not the Las Vegas publication), which has a special relationship with Snowden and has printed information about all his whistleblowing activities, has published the material. The Guardian has not printed any news about chemtrails revelations from Snowden. The Guardian has, however, published an article describing chemtrails as one of the American far-right’s top 10 paranoid conspiracy theories.

There are no actual documents from Edward Snowden that have anything to do with chemtrails. Chemtrails conspiracy theorists are happy, however, to use the attention Edward Snowden has achieved to pump up their own weird ideas. So we see from the Alien Disclosure Group that “According to bombshell documents leaked by Snowden, the government has long known UFOs to be a species more advanced than mankind.”

The Alien Disclosure Group, by the way, also cites the Internet Chronicle, with apparent credulity, as its source on the Snowden-UFO link.

10 thoughts on “Has Edward Snowden Revealed Documents Proving A Chemtrails Conspiracy Exists?”

  1. Tom says:

    Hey, thanks for noticing and responding. Nice to know you guys are all over this stuff (and that’s why I brought it up here – I really appreciate you guys).

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      happy to oblige!

    1. J Clifford says:

      “between 1940 and 1979” in Britain.

  2. David Lango (@maxdl80) says:

    What if he’s right? I’ve noticed certain days more recently, when the sun just felt withering hot. I remember sitting on a tractor plowing a field without a shirt or sunblock back in the ’70’s, getting a glorious tan. Not these days. Even when the temperature feels cool, stepping out into direct sunlight feels more harsh these days.

    The reports have it that the chemtrails are destroying Earth’s ozone. Snowden said the scientist in charge thinks North America will burn up in a year if his “Geo-engineering” program gets shut down, because of the irreparable damage already done.

    I say the solution to ramp up and spray more chemtrails is insane.

    We need to shut this weather control program down immediately and see if mother earth can repair itself.

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  5. newsofrealviews says:

    Maud’dib refers to the ORNL Env Science Div that began in the 60s. ORNL designed the Boron chemtrail methods and it uses just a Boron fuel additive called a Biocide. That gets the boron in the jet fuel around the world.

    Once there at high and dry altitudes it forms hygroscopic compounds like Boron Nitride and Boric Oxide and both are hygroscopic and see clouds.

    Maud’dib links to the movie Dune and has Masonic connected imagery in the theme for the Movie.

  6. newsofrealviews says:

    ORNL these days is connected with UT and they each do Monsanto connected work.

  7. Ryan J says:

    Hahaha, what first tipped me off about this whole thing being fake was…well, the fact that it was related to chemtrails for one. But secondly, has no one noticed that Muad’Dib is a name from the science fiction novel “Dune” by Frank Herbert? xD

    It’s the name of a desert mouse.

  8. Ac says:

    We got to look at Harvard physicist David Kieth’s work over the last 20ish years. We should look into aerosol technology and its light scattering properties. We see funding by Bill Gates into this science. We can look at Nano alumina additives to Kerosene fuel for jets and rocket. We find two companies manufacturing nano aluminum powder. We see NASA papers on these cryogenic fuels. All which can be legitimized more than stories like this. We can look at cloud physics and the more common sustainability of contrails hypothetically by being seeded by jet fuel exhaust. Some studies show contrails add to global warming. All things considered there’s a very legitimate question to what scale we are experimenting or maintaining climate with this technology. We see the big argument in Washington about climate change and it makes you wonder. Even if this were a fake article it’s one hell of supposition. Studies show that in the three days the aircraft was downed during 9/11 the temperature of atmosphere went up one degree. At least that’s the rumor I have read a few times whether or not that’s propaganda I don’t know. The problem I’m having with this technology is that upper atmosphere clouds theoretically add to global warming by allowing light to pass through but absorbing infrared refraction. Lower cloud cover seems to reflect solar radiation better and makes it cooler. I will also have to factor in the light scattering properties of aluminua from David Kieth’s. the theoretical culprit added to the fuel. We see David Keith’s original idea started with sulfur but he found that the anti-coagulation rate of aluminua was better than sulfur. So far this is about all I’ve been able to surmise from of this whole debacle.

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