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Top 5 Things To Know For Today

5.  Your name
4.  When people shake hands, it is not an invitation to arm wrestle
3. Mindfulness is associated with low pattern recognition ability
2.  When people leave their houses, they are expected to wear clothes
1. The big thing beneath you is called Earth

2 comments to Top 5 Things To Know For Today

  • Tom

    i’m not taking sides either way, but the article doesn’t list the sample size, how many times the researchers tested people, or who participated (all males, prisoners, institutionalized mental patients, young children) and automatically leaps to the conclusion that mindfulness may hinder ones ability to learn skateboard tricks (by how much time, one more go at it?) and other tasks. It’s a big “so what” to me.

    On the other hand, being oblivious could get you killed crossing a city street. Just sayin’.

  • J Clifford

    Well, really, this article is more of a commentary on the “Top # Things You Need To Know Today” articles that have come into vogue as of late, as news editors notice that people tend to read articles that list things.

    However, it is worth considering, I think, that our brains may be capable of expressing many different modes of consciousness for a reason – that a one-consciousness-fits-all approach to life isn’t very flexible and adaptive.

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