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Protests Against Working Conditions At WalMart set to Erupt on Black Friday, Nov. 29

How bad is it working at WalMart? It’s so bad that you can work there full-time and still need food stamps to feed your family.

You don’t have to participate in the WalMart system. You don’t have to support it. You don’t have to just complain about it. You can oppose it.

On Black Friday — November 29, 2013 — there will be protests held at WalMarts around the country, calling for WalMart to pay its workers a living wage. To find a protest near you, check out this interactive map.

7 thoughts on “Protests Against Working Conditions At WalMart set to Erupt on Black Friday, Nov. 29”

  1. John Lewis Mealer says:

    Walmart is nearly solely responsible for sending everything that is manufactured to their own small Mfg outlets across China. I hate them for that reason,

    Wallyworld jobs are simply jobs that should be used “just to get by” until a real job can be found. Employees can take it or leave and if they think they can find a better job elsewhere, they are free to go to it. IN FACT, they would be better off if they did and maybe they could sleep at night knowing that they are not contributing to the demise of America.

    In the early 90’s I was going to have a Tea Party where we ordered a large 30 yard dumpster and fill it with Wallyworld’s and K-Marts MADE IN CHINA crap and then burn it. No one else was up for the act. Sure, we could have purchased the items (although ripping them off the shelves of the conglomerate stores) and then only be fined for the illegally placed fire… But it would have sent a message.

    Cest La Vie

  2. Dave says:

    Haven’t been in a Wal-Mart since 1999 — way back in the last century. My reasons are simple: They destroy small family businesses, they are a bad corporate neighbor and I try to choose pleasant environments when I can.

    That said, I think that those who work there full time and still need food stamps to feed a family are victims, certainly of corporate avarice but also of misguided government outlays. Government will ensure that they are eligible for many thousands of dollars in benefits and those are dollars that Wal-Mart knows they will not have to pay in order to keep employees working their stores. Cozy arrangement, really.

    Another way of looking at it is to consider the welfare dependent employees as simply working for pocket money; many of the basics of life are already supplied by Uncle Sam. What Wal-Mart does not have to shell out for payroll goes onto their bottom line. This is a grand money laundering scheme as the gov’s welfare payments to Wally’s employees actually come from your tax payments to Uncle Sam combined with money borrowed from China — money that the next generation of American workers will have to pay back.

    Hillary was on the Board at Wal-Mart for a number of years — wonder what she thinks of all this?

    1. John Lewis Mealer says:

      Right on target Dave. Need to spread the word of Hitlary being on the Wallyworld board.

  3. Bill says:

    Hmmm…why not pack the family into the car on Black Friday, find a Wally World with a protest outside, go in with a cart, then announce to the chilluns, “You know, kids, we really shouldn’t shop here if they treat their employees so badly. Who wants to go to a different store?”

    Make sure to prompt the wee ones to pipe up “OOH! OOH! Yeah! Daddy, let’s go to COSTCO!!!”

    1. John Lewis Mealer says:

      But COSTCO was created by Sam Walden… Do you think it makes a difference? I am saying this seriously and not snide like.

  4. Bill says:

    John, you may be thinking of Sam’s Club…Costco was not Walton’s creation. At least in recent ‘living wage’ discussions Costco is often regarded as something of a model big-box employer, with (here I cite Wikipedia) 85% of US employees receiving health insurance (versus less than 50% at Walmart), and hourly employees paid $11 to $21, whereas (according to the average wallyworlder makes $8.81.

    1. John Lewis Mealer says:

      Yes, Bill…. I digress.Sam’s Club it was!

      What I found out is that (possibly…[I have not searched much]) Sam’s Club merged with another chain and the name was changed to COSTCO. Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave with the way Wallyworld outsources and pays their desperate workers “working poor” wages.

      They use to have new employees fill out forms for the Dept. Economic Security so they could easily make up the low pay with government assistance.

      I saw a show where Walmart in Arkansas was bringing in entrepreneurs who might be given a deal to sell a million bucks worth of their new product, but Walmart was forcing them to send their Mfg to Walmart’s connection in China, so that the price would drop low enough. Making millionaires my ass.

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