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If Vegetarians Eat Vegetables, Then Libertarians…

Michael Pickens, the executive director of the Libertarian Party of Washington, is eager to spread the word about Libertarian ideology, so he’s published an article this morning in which he explains what being a Libertarian is really all about. Pickens writes, “The word Libertarian essentially means, ‘Believer in liberty.’ For example, vegetarians believe in only eating vegetables.”

Maybe the reason that the Libertarian Party has failed to catch on in the state of Washington has to do with kind of logical glitch. If being a vegetarian means that you eat vegetables, doesn’t being a Libertarian mean that you like to rip off chunks of liberty with your mouth, chew it raw and swallow it down to be digested in your stomach?


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One thought on “If Vegetarians Eat Vegetables, Then Libertarians…”

  1. Robert Rich says:

    The guy is wrong. Libertarian is the modern term for freeholder particularly people pledged to advocate for rights and legalizing modernized libertarian eco-communities as vehicles of justice.

    Washington LP has had a lot of problems after conservatives took over the party for several years. Until then it was one of the states with most l/Libertarians in public office.

    I would say be careful in looking at the differebnt state parties. The last national convention kicked out most of the conservative infiltrators, but they’re still lively though apparently now OK with legalizing pot.

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