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Fix The Debt Gets Caught Impersonating a State Senator in Letter to the Editor Fraud

“Fix the Debt,” a front group for billionaire social security privatization fanatic Peter G. Peterson, has been caught red handed by the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans in a case of letter fraud. It seems that a letter to the editor had appeared in the Portsmouth Herald on November 3 in which the author declared, “I urge everyone to visit”:

Did New Hampshire State Senator Lou D'Allesandro really write a letter to the editor on behalf of Fix the Debt???

Who was the purported author? State Senator Lou D’Allesandro:

Did Lou D'Allesandro really write this letter to the editor for Fix the Debt?

I can’t show you the actual letter, because the Portsmouth Herald and indexing search engines swiftly yanked the letter from their pages and caches. Within a day or two, even the search results will come up blank.


Because, when contacted, it turned out that Senator D’Allesandro hadn’t written the letter at all. D’Allesandro has disavowed Fix the Debt in disgust.

This is in the same month that Fix the Debt has been caught stuffing identical letters into newspapers under names of various different college students.

Fix the Fraud.

2 thoughts on “Fix The Debt Gets Caught Impersonating a State Senator in Letter to the Editor Fraud”

  1. Joseph M. Firestone (@joefirestonephd) says:

    Fix the Debt Without Breaking America, and Pete Peterson eat your heart out. See:

  2. Bill says:

    I think it’s unfair to call Petey-Pete Peterson a “Social Security privatization fanatic”…unfair to Social Security, that is. “Privatized” Social Security is no more Social Security than a tofu turkey is a turkey. Better, I think, to call Petey-Pete a ‘fanatical Social Security abolitionist.’

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