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The Most Absurd News Of The Day

The world is an absurd place, but some things are more absurd than others. Here are the most prominent absurdities in today’s news:

The government of China says it’s absurd for the government of Spain to issue arrest warrants for former Chinese leaders over their role abuses in Tibet.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog declares it to be absurd for consumers to sue Apple for selling devices that were incapable of performing the functions that Apple claimed the devices were made for.

Phonedog says that spending a lot of money for a smartphone is absurd.

In Queensland, the Opposition Party charges that the state government is engaged in an absurd rush to pass a new law intended to clamp down on motorcycle gangs.

Gawker says it’s absurd that a father in Tennessee was arrested for complaining about the child pick-up policy at an elementary school.

Asahi Shimbun calls it absurd for the Japanese Prime Minister to be named the “third party” to conduct oversight of decisions by the government about whether to withhold information from the public.

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