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The Replacement Magic Wand

magic wandA few weeks ago, a friend of mine expressed a need for a magic wand – not a wand that really performs magic, but a wand that looks like what people think a magic wand would look like. It was for her daughter, she said, a big fan of Harry Potter.

I had just so happened to have met a professional wand maker a few days before, and so I told my friend that I would order a wand for her daughter, and get it to her by next Tuesday, for a birthday party. This week, I discovered that the wand maker has skipped town. No one knows where he is.

I feel responsible, as I had recommended the wand maker. So, this morning, I cut a small branch off an ash tree, and whittled a wand, which you see here. To fit with my friend’s request, I will stain the wand black. This wand also has a few lines carved into it, to match the original wand maker’s design, seen online by my friend.

Ethically, should I tell my friend about the problem with the wand maker, or should I just pretend that the wand is a professionally made wand, from the source that she had expected? Is the magic wand less magic because I made it, instead of getting it from professional magic wand maker?

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