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Why Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of A Time Travel Show?

My son and his buddies all got together this weekend to watch The Day Of The Doctor, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. I understand that Doctor Who long ago hit upon a formula of appealing to the audience’s instinctual reaction to predatory pursuit, with a touch of warped reality added alongside playful tweaking of unstated premises. What I don’t understand is why fans of the show have become so excited about its 50th anniversary, when the core of the Doctor Who narrative is time travel.

If anything, a 50th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who should remind Doctor Who fans of how very different their lives are from the lives of those who ride in the Tardis. A further wrinkle in my understanding originates in the eagerness of Doctor Who fans to all watch the Day Of The Doctor episode at the very same time, worldwide. If we are to celebrate the expansive vision of time travel, shouldn’t we be able to transcend this zeal for synchronization?

Is the appeal of time-centered celebrations of Doctor Who that the more fans are embedded in time, the more Doctor Who seems fantastic in comparison?

war doctor disoriented in time

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