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Libertarian Candidate Wants To Convert Schools Into Military Boot Camps

Libertarians keep trying to convince disgruntled liberals to join with them, saying that Libertarians and liberals really want the same thing, just through different means. If only liberals could think rationally, and abandon their attachment to the idea that progress can be achieved through a government elected by the people, then we could become happy libertarians, they say. They grow exasperated with our refusal to take the Libertarian Party seriously.

Before these Libertarians dismiss us as hopelessly irrational, however, they would benefit from an examination of the kind of candidates for public office that their political party brings forth, and consider how these candidates look from a liberal perspective.

jon roland for senate libertarianLibertarian politician Jon Roland is a useful example. Roland is currently campaigning to become the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Texas in 2014.

As much as Libertarians like to say that they’re against centralized government decisions, Jon Roland would like to get the federal government involved in a radical, top-down reorganization of education in the United States. He wants the U.S. Senate to pass legislation to change education to “repurpose toward militia training for defense, law enforcement, and disaster response.”

Instead of learning history, science, mathematics, art, writing, reading, and all the other traditional school subjects, under Jon Roland’s Libertarian plan for education American children would, be assembled into armed militias.

What kind of future would these children have, with that sort of education? Not a very prosperous one, if Jon Roland’s Libertarian plan for military reform is enacted. Roland proposes the accelerated replacement of soldiers with military “technology”.

Note to Libertarians: Children in militias instead of schools, made obsolete by killer robots, is not a political goal that liberals share in common with you.

20 thoughts on “Libertarian Candidate Wants To Convert Schools Into Military Boot Camps”

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  3. Dave says:

    This man Roland is not the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate. He just wants to be. He has put his ideas out there and is asking for folks to take a look. If one does not like his ideas then that does not make the Libertarian Party a party a party of bad ideas. As a matter of fact, one might see the humour in this and say that the Libertarian Party is a party of fresh ideas. Beats the same old no-change status quo politicians that the liberal Democrats and Republicans like to offer up year after year.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Dave, what makes the Libertarian Party a party of bad ideas is that its candidates, and rank-and-file, are filled with kooky ideas like these. Jon Roland is just one example. Want me to prove it? I’ll bring you another example tomorrow.

      You might also listen to the opinion of the chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party, who recently resigned, complaining that the Libertarian Party is “infested with idiots”.

      Replacing our schools with militias, and constructing an army of robots, does not beat the same old no-change status quo.

    2. Bill says:

      Dave, being a party of “fresh ideas” is neither good nor bad…it all depends on the quality of the ideas. I once briefly had a job in a psychiatric hospital. In all my years I’ve never found a better place for constant exposure to “fresh ideas” but, alas, without any benefit, aside from occasional amusement value and frequent horror…pretty much the same emotions that libertarians stir in me.

      J, thanks for linking this article to Roland’s web site. I found what you were reporting to be so hard to believe I just had to go to the source. Oy…you actually chose one of his less crazy positions to report. One of my personal favorites is his notion that private parties should be able to initiate criminal prosecutions. I can’t see how that could possibly have any negative consequences; can you?

      Out in my tool shed I have an old can of loose nuts that makes a sound a lot like the libertarians when I rattle it. I tell ya, we have got to legalize marijuana so that we can inoculate young stoners against libertarian psychosis.

      1. Bill says:

        I particularly enjoy the disclaimer at the bottom of each page of Roland’s web site: “This site not paid for by anyone.” Jon may be a little fuzzy regarding the economic sciences.

        1. J Clifford says:

          No, no, Bill. You obviously don’t understand that Libertarian web sites grow on trees. Jon Roland’s site is particularly ripe, don’t you think?

        2. Jim Cook says:

          Now, Bill, did it occur to you that the website may have been generated by barter?

          1. J. Clifford says:

            Jim, that is unfair bashing of Libertarians! Don’t you know that these web sites are constructed out of gold, which is the only enduring basis of value in the world? If you squint and hold your head at the right angle in candlelight, you can see the Libertarian Party web site twinkle.

  4. Gene says:

    The Libertarian Party has the problem any political party has – anybody can join and anybody can run for office. Mr Roland is less representative of Libertarians than Lyndon LaRouche is of Democrats. Member of the Nazi Party have run as Republicans, and Klansmen have run as Democrats, but we know that most Republicans are not Nazis, and most Democrats are not Klansmen.

    As a Libertarian, I would urge voters to reject Mr Roland and his ideas. There will be many candidates promoting limited government, free enterprise and social freedoms, and they will deserve your support, so look for those candidates, and let’s all reject the militarists and the crazies, regardless of party.

    1. Bill says:

      Actually, Gene, whilst reading over Roland’s web site I was struck by the fundamental similarity of his positions and those of Rand and Ron Paul. Screw the poor, pave the way for corporations to take over what remote corners of the world they don’t already own, repeal most laws, get gummint out of healthcare, and slash government spending generally. There’s no significant difference in substance between Roland and so-called ‘responsible’ libertarians like the Pauls; it’s mostly just a matter of style and depth of chicanery. The Pauls are too cagey to publicly discuss the inevitable dystopian outcomes of libertarianism, whereas Roland jumps into it with both feet (in his mouth).

  5. Richard Winger says:

    This article is analogous to someone bashing the Democratic Party because Lyndon LaRouche sought its presidential nomination 1980 through 2004, or bashing the Republican Party because David Duke was elected to the Louisiana legislature as a Republican (in a top-two system).

    1. J. Clifford says:

      For the record, Irregular Times has noted some occasions where LaRouchies have managed to get a scary amount of position within the Democratic Party. Why do Libertarians think that they should be exempt from such criticism? If they want to play the political game, they had better get used to it.

      The other, obvious, point is that Jon Roland is hardly an isolated character. The Libertarian oddball is not so much the exception as the rule.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      It might be if oddity was anomalous for Libertarians, but Richard, I have three words for you: Wayne Allyn Root.

  6. Dave says:

    Bill, I laughed so hard at that bit about the psychiatric hospital giving exposure to fresh ideas that I shook a big fat ash from my A-Fuente Gran Reserva right into my Seattle’s Best.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Make it Seattle’s Better?

  7. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    Actually, I think John Jay Myers will probably be the Libertarian candidate for Senate.

    This guy is the guy to win the nomination. Check by summer of 2014 to see this prediction come true.

  8. Bill says:

    Ah yes, John Myers…the ‘sane’ libertarian alternative:

    “Repeal the National Firearms Act, the Gun Control Act, and the Brady Bill. The ATF should also be eliminated.”

    “The people should be able to select the majority currency through normal market competitive forces. No currency should be mandated, and no currency should be outlawed.”

    “These massive medical programs need to be phased out now….Creating jobs, saving the auto industry, educating your children, controlling agricultural prices, waging wars, bailing out the wealthy bankers, continuing the war on drugs, and managing your health care should not even be in the government budget.”

    “As your Senator my first priority will be to bring home our soldiers from the countless bases all over the world.”

    Remind me again what the difference is between ‘crazy’ and ‘not crazy’?

  9. Richard says:

    Fact check!

    So, Roland basically wants to expand ROTC at High Schools and adopt programs already in other states. This is crazy….why?

    I do agree Roland really has very little Libertarianism in his site. He’s a nice old guy like me that’s been around a while with an educational site on Constitutional minutiae that’s linked by Law Schools if I recall right. He sure loves those Constitutional technicalities from what I read at his site. In any event in Texas anyone can run as LP in the Primary so there’s not much the party can do. The GOP ran some ringer Green candidates a few years back.

    Rand Paul has stated he is not a Libertarian and has many anti-libertarian positions.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Richard, Jon Roland does not write that he wants to expand ROTC at high schools. Never, not even once, does mention ROTC on his web site. Roland writes that he wants to “repurpose” (not merely expand) education – and not just high school education, but the whole deal, “toward militia training for defense, law enforcement, and disaster response.” A militia is not at all the same thing as the ROTC.

      Your revisionist view of Roland’s political platform comes at the expense of reality, Richard… or is it Robert?

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