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International Donation: Foundation Beyond Belief Relief for Super Typhoon Haiyan

To keep Irregular Times going up on the web, we sell t-shirts with political messages we believe in. We refuse, however, to sell shirts made in sweatshops that profit off the exploitation of third-world people, which is why we only offer made-in-the-USA shirts. An indirect consequence of this, however, is that capital investment remains within the United States, furthering the concentration of resources within our own relatively rich nation. The solution to disinvestment in the third world is not to exploit more third-world workers with jobs that involve poisoning, sexual harassment and scandalously low pay; the continued success of the no-sweat Alta Gracia shirt shows that there are workable, ethical alternatives. Our own alternative approach is to set aside a dollar from every shirt we sell and dedicate it to people-affirming efforts in third world nations.

In this round, we are sending our donation to the Foundation Beyond Belief, a secular humanist organization funneling its contributions to international efforts that don’t engage in religious proselytizing or conversion. Our donation this month goes particularly toward relief efforts in the Philippines in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

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