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Six Days to KrampusNacht: Celebrate Breakfast with Krampus

It’s six short days to KrampusNacht, the night when St. Nicholas’ predecessor and occasional companion roams through the streets of town, looking for naughty children to punish.

Krampus and the mumming tradition from which he stems predate modern Christmas folklore by many, many years, making Krampus a much more real “Reason for the Season.” In Rochester New York, they’re bringing the Reason back to the Season by asking grownups to celebrate a drunken Krampyhour on December 6, followed by Breakfast with Krampus on the morning of Dec. 7:

Breakfast with Krampus will include:

A Germanic bake sale
Crafts with Krampus (make your own birchen beating rod!)
Games and prizes
Educational displays on Krampus and other disturbing, archaic holiday icons
Professional photos with Krampus
A visit with Krampus
Live performances and surprise guests

As for the “breakfast” part, if you bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate to disadvantaged children, and Krampus approves of your offering, you’ll get a complimentary breakfast treat and some coffee. If Krampus DOESN’T like your gift, you’ll be harassed, possibly beaten, and in extreme cases dragged straight to Hell.

1 comment to Six Days to KrampusNacht: Celebrate Breakfast with Krampus

  • Interesting post. A lot of these Christian extremists want to claim “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” but a century and a half or so ago they were against Christmas as too pagan. Why not Krampus?

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