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NSA Spies On Almost Every Cell Phone On Earth Every Day

There are, including children and people who were born before the development of push-button telephones, about 7.1 billion people on the face of the Earth.

Newly leaked documents show that, every day, the U.S. military’s National Security Agency spies on 5 billion cell phones – almost every cell phone that exists on Earth.

Many Americans are among those being targeted by the newly revealed NSA spying.

With Barack Obama’s approval, the NSA is tracking the physical location of those billions of people, and keeping records on who talks to who. For the significant numbers who carry smart phones, tremendous amounts of additional information is being grabbed.

obama shameThere is no reasonable security justification for daily espionage against 5/7 of the world’s population. This is constant spying beyond even Big Brother in size.

Any elected politician who voted for the legislation that enabled this (the FISA Amendments Act and the Patriot Act) should apologize in public, and then resign. That includes President Barack Obama. It also includes most members of the United States Congress.

Of course, they’re not going to do that.

Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible. Democratic and Republican voters must be part of the solution – by voting against any pro-NSA incumbent in 2014, regardless of political party.

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