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Are You Allergic To Exploding Gluten?

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me a link to an article on a web site that calls itself Green Media Info. Green Media Info makes money by selling advertisements for wheat-free foods and by charging readers for access to articles about the dangers of gluten.

For this reason, I wasn’t surprised to see that the link my friend had sent me was full of warnings about association between gluten and poor health. What did surprise me was the particular gluten risk described by the article. The headline read:

GMOs Linked to Exploding Gluten Sensitivity

The story is corroborated by other online sources, including Organic Consumers, which warns, GMOs Linked to Exploding Gluten Sensitivity Epidemic. writes of Exploding Gluten Sensitivity.

I had never considered that gluten might explode. Whether gluten does anything dangerous through the digestive process, we all ought to worry if gluten bombs start exploding across our country.

However, we also need to think critically about the risk of exploding gluten. Some evidence suggests that, although gluten can explode, the lack of gluten may also result in explosions. The Denver Post warns, for example, of the “exploding gluten-free market”. A writer in Newburyport describes a danger from “the Exploding (Gluten Free) Baked Potato”.

So much danger. What will it take to convince the warriors of wheat to leave us in peace?

Teri Gruss, an anti-gluten militant and writer for, admits that there is “an exploding gluten-free products market”. Apparently, at this market, people can purchase as many exploding gluten-free products as their money will allow.

Given the market in unregulated gluten free explosives, how long will it be before some crazed anti-gluten jihadist attacks our kids in their schools? When will our teachers receive training in dealing with the threat of gluten-free bombers? They say that a gluten-free diet will protect us from free radicals, but I fear that the very opposite may in fact be true.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Allergic To Exploding Gluten?”

  1. Bill says:

    Someone should inform the C.S.A (Culinary Safety Administration) immediately!

  2. Bill says:

    Ban The Bun!

    Wheat Is Not Safe For Children and Other Living Things!

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