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Gary Johnson Puts Libertarian Party Up For Sale

Members of the Libertarian Party like to say that Libertarians are different from Democrats and Republicans. In spite of that, a former Libertarian presidential candidate just made a big political move that is straight out of the Republican and Democratic playbooks.

Gary Johnson released a statement announcing that Americans want “real alternatives to business-as-usual”, and then followed the practice of business as usual, and declared that he is starting a Super PAC, the Our America PAC, that will accept unlimited funds from untraceable sources and then funnel them into accounts that will be used to prop up Libertarian Party candidates.

Gary Johnson essentially let it be known that he has set up a system to allow corporations and wealthy individuals to seize control of the Libertarian Party and use it for their purposes in exchange for money. Gary Johnson has announced that the Libertarian Party is for sale.

libertarian party for sale

9 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Puts Libertarian Party Up For Sale”

  1. Charles Manning says:

    Are you sure that “the Our America PAC . . . will accept unlimited funds from untraceable sources and then funnel them into accounts that will be used to prop up Libertarian Party candidates”? Obviously you and I would expect more from Johnson.

    As a former supporter of Rocky Anderson, who famously said he would limit campaign contributions to him to $100 per capita, I differ from the hard-line position. I think a reasonable amount of money is okay in politics, just as a reasonable amount of rain is okay in agriculture. What’s really needed, in addition to reasonable limits on quantities (i.e., there shouldn’t be a flood of money), is full disclosure of contributors and their ideological orientation, and what transpires between the contributors and the candidate before and after the contributions. It would be surprising to me if Johnson doesn’t believe in that.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Of course I am not sure of what will happen in the future. No one can be. However, I am sure that Gary Johnson has set up a system designed to allow it to happen, so that is what’s relevant now.

      Gary Johnson looks like just another politician who says one thing and then does another.

  2. Steve M says:

    have you noticed that Libertarians are running candidates for office? isn’t that also doing just what the Republicans and Democrats do? How about that they are playing a game where the other two parties make up the rules on the fly. Yes it takes money to be competitive but keep an eye on what the Libertarians are proposing. That is where you will see the difference between them and the democan/republicrats

    1. Bill says:

      “What the Libertarians are proposing” is the scariest part of all. Screw the poor. Let corporations and the rich dominate the economy and society. Slash the government. Abandon environmental and safety regulation. Do away with the social safety net. And, oh, in order to differentiate ourselves from the Republicans…let the kiddies smoke all the pot they can afford to buy (if any).

      1. Charles Manning says:

        I checked out your claims at I didn’t find a provision on kids smoking pot, but everything else you say is there, in understated language. I believe, nonetheless, that Johnson and other “alternative” candidates should be debating publicly already so that people can learn that control by the duopoly isn’t required by law — at least not yet.

    2. J Clifford says:

      Oh, sure. Let’s pay attention to what the Libertarians SAY they will do, rather than what they actually do. What a great plan, Steve!

      [Sarcasm sarcasm]

  3. Gene Berkman says:

    Rather than screw the poor, capitalism has created the most prosperous societies in human history. The socialist regimes are all charactized by depravation and loss of liberty. When government grows, it takes resources from the civilian economy, and makes everyone poorer. And when government intervenes in the economy, the winners are the well-connected, not the poor.

    1. J Clifford says:

      By “depravation”, do you mean deprivation or depravity?

    2. Bill says:

      The “most prosperous societies in human history” are rich at the top 10% and broke at the ‘bottom’ 60%. And while I have no idea what “depravation” means, I wasn’t aware that…oh, say, Sweden…was notably unfree.

      When government “takes” resources from the “civilian” economy, where the heck do they go, anyway? (I assume from what you say that they must just disappear)

      The one place you might actually be right about something is that the winners in all economies are the well-connected. But in unregulated economies the unconnected get robbed, abused, oppressed, poisoned, subjugated, turned out into the street, and starved. In a reasonably well-regulated economy, not so much.

      When will the winners, like Gary Johnson, stop whining about how unfairly society treats them, and lying about how much better everything would be for everybody if only there were no rules? Did these clowns skip kindergarten, or what? Oh wait, I forgot: home-school.

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