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Those Poor Socialist Countries

Gene Berkman writes:

Rather than screw the poor, capitalism has created the most prosperous societies in human history. The socialist regimes are all charactized by depravation and loss of liberty. When government grows, it takes resources from the civilian economy, and makes everyone poorer.

From Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Statistics:

Life expectancy:

France (socialist): 85.7 years
Iceland (socialist): 84.1 years
Finland (socialist): 83.8 years
Norway (socialist): 83.6 years
Sweden (socialist): 83.3 years
Netherlands (socialist): 83.1 years
Denmark (socialist) 81.9 years
United States (not socialist): 81.1 years

Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 live births):

Iceland (socialist): 0.9
Finland (socialist): 2.4
France (socialist): 3.5
Norway (socialist): 2.8
Sweden (socialist): 2.1
Netherlands (socialist): 3.6
Denmark (socialist) 3.6
United States (not socialist): 6.1

Access to Internet at Home (% of households):

United States (not socialist): 71.1%
France (socialist): 73.6%
Finland (socialist): 80.5%
Denmark (socialist) 86.1%
Sweden (socialist): 88.3%
Norway (socialist): 89.8%
Netherlands (socialist): 90.9%
Iceland (socialist): 92.0%

Average Literacy Proficiency Score (higher score indicates greater literacy):

Iceland (socialist): not available
France (socialist): 262.1
United States (not socialist): 269.8
Denmark (socialist) 270.8
Norway (socialist): 278.4
Sweden (socialist): 279.2
Netherlands (socialist): 284
Finland (socialist): 287.5

Average annual wages (US $ Purchasing Power):

Iceland (socialist): not available
France (socialist): $45,568
Finland (socialist): $51,284
Netherlands (socialist): $52,309
Sweden (socialist): $53,851
United States (not socialist): $55,048
Denmark (socialist) $67,827
Norway (socialist): $80,045

% Children Living in a Poor Home:

Denmark (socialist) 2.7%
Sweden (socialist): 4.0%
Finland (socialist): 4.2%
Norway (socialist): 4.6%
France (socialist): 7.6%
Iceland (socialist): 8.3%
Netherlands (socialist): 11.5%
United States (not socialist): 20.6%

% Children Living in Overcrowded Homes:

Netherlands (socialist): 10.3%
Norway (socialist): 15.1%
Finland (socialist): 15.2%
Denmark (socialist) 17.6%
Sweden (socialist): 20.0%
France (socialist): 20.3%
United States (not socialist): 20.6%
Iceland (socialist): 21.7%

Teenage births per 1,000 Girls Aged 15-19:

Netherlands (socialist): 4.7
Denmark (socialist) 6.6
France (socialist): 6.7
Sweden (socialist): 6.8
Norway (socialist): 9.4
Finland (socialist): 9.7
Iceland (socialist): 16.9
United States (not socialist): 49.8

3 thoughts on “Those Poor Socialist Countries”

  1. Bill says:

    A very useful (and telling) set of statistics, Jim. Thanks for ferreting this out. Those poor oppressed masses in the Nordic socialist states don’t even realize how bad they’ve got it. Thank God I’m an Uhmurrican, free to starve to death in the cold all alone.

  2. Joshua says:

    On what criteria are you defining these European countries as “socialist”? In particular, the current governments of Norway, Finland, and Sweden are not led by socialists.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      More important than whether leaders call themselves socialist is whether countries have socialist policies.

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