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The Jim Cook Conspiracy

Eleanore Hartz-Cook of Wickenberg, Arizona writes in to Irregular Times:

Dear Irregular Times,

I am the widow of the late Arizona Republic reporter, editor, and columnist Jim Cook.

In retirement, Jim moved to Wickenburg, AZ on the banks of the Hassayampa River, the legend of which is that if you sip from the waters of the Hassayampa, you will never tell the truth again.

Jim acquired the new identity of “Arizona State Liar,” founded the “Wickenburg Institute of Factual Diversity,” began the on-line “Journal of Prevarication,” and wrote two more books: the “Arizona Liar’s Journal” and the “Arizona Liar’s Almanac” (having already seven books to his credit as a truthful man, and having added one more before his death).

In 2005, Jim was one of 101 individuals honored as an “Arizona Culturekeeper.”

Although he died in January 2012, Jim Cook was recently the subject of a November 2013 Los Angeles Times “Opinion” column.

The message he suggested for his tombstone is, “You just never know…”

Perhaps I should not be surprised to find that Jim Cook now posts for you.


Eleanore Hartz-Cook
Wickenburg, AZ

P.S. He was a member of the ACLU.

The weirdest thing is that before this, Jim Cook also discovered the Sandwich Islands and was the inspiration for one of the major universities of Australia. Jim Cook is now living the dream as a digital strategist and car salesman.

What could possibly explain it?

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