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Conservative Billboard Values In Nebrashingwa

yertle seesBen Sasse, a Republican running for U.S. Senate in Nebraska, is in it to win it, and that means, in today’s corrupt political culture, that he’s allowing unrestricted amounts of money from mysterious sources to flow in to help his campaign. This week, that candidate for sale strategy got Sasse a free campaign billboard from the Legacy Foundation Action Fund PAC.

The gift to Ben Sasse cost $23,909.50, and is listed by the Legacy Foundation Action Fund PAC as a “Billboard Advertisement ‘Bringing Conservative Nebraska Values To Washington”. This description left me wondering what “Nebraska Values” are. Is it the value of purchasing your very own candidate for Senate for the low, low price of just $23,909.50?

I’m also wondering how a billboard in Nebraska brings Nebraska Values to Washington. Just how big does a billboard in Nebraska have to be in order to be seen in Washington D.C.? How high does that billboard have to be in order to compensate for the curvature of the Earth?

Further complicating the matter is that the Legacy Foundation Action Fund PAC isn’t from Nebraska at all. It’s from Iowa. So, if Ben Sasse gets elected to the U.S. Senate as a paid representative of the Legacy Foundation Action Fund PAC, it will be Iowa Values, not Nebraska Values, that get sent to Washington. Nebraska voters, in this scheme, would only be a tool for extracting value out of a system of corruption.

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