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PAC Puts Alaska First By Sending Money Out Of State

put alaska firstPut Alaska First is a shadowy super PAC that has been set up in order to channel money to support the re-election of Alaska’s U.S. Senator Mark Begich in 2014. The organization gave itself a local-sounding name in order to create the impression that it’s an all-Alaska operation, supporting Alaska through-and-through.

When you set a standard as high as “Put Alaska First”, however, it’s not difficult to fall short of the mark. That’s what happened this week, when a filing with the FEC made it clear that the Put Alaska First PAC is shipping money out of Alaska, rather than hiring Alaskans to do their work.

This week, the Put Alaska First PAC reported to the FEC that it paid tens of thousands of dollars for a “media purchase” to support the re-election of Mark Begich. That media purchase would only make sense if it was targeted to Alaskans who can actually vote for Begich. So, Put Alaska First could have paid a local media firm in Alaska to do the job.

Put Alaska First did not put Alaska first, though. It sent the money to Waterfront Strategies, a part of GMMB, a large firm headquartered in Washington D.C., with offices alongside the Potomac River.

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