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Marianne Williamson Is Running As An Independent For Congress

Marianne Williamson has declared her candidacy, independent of any political party, for California’s 33rd district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The 33rd district is currently represented by Democrat Henry Waxman.

Issues the Williamson for Congress campaign is addressing are:

marianne williamson– Voter suppression
– Gerrymandering
– Independent expenditures in campaign finance
– Repeal of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
– Universal preschool education
– Free college tuition for qualified students
– Expansion of technical schools
– Increased opportunities for adults in middle life
– Prison reform
– Organic food regulation
– GMO food labeling
– Climate change
– Opposition to nuclear power
– Support for the Affordable Care Act
– Defense of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
– Reduction of military spending

Congressman Waxman has earned a liberal legislative score of 69 out 100 in the 113th Congress. Is it worth the effort for progressives to replace Waxman with Williamson?

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