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Conspiracy Theorist Predicts Specific False Flag Natural Disasters

In these last days of 2013, it’s natural for people to wonder what the year 2014 will be like. Some people just take that wondering further than others.

On the Pakalert Press web site, conspiracy theorist Dave Hodges warns that 2014 will contain “an inevitable civil war in the US in response to a total martial law plan being planned.” That’s a standard right wing prepper fantasy, but wait, there’s more.

tardis earthquake weaponHodges specifically predicts that nefarious bad people who want to justify martial law will use a secret weapon to create a nasty earthquake along the southern end of the New Madrid fault line – to create a tsunami in the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, the New Madrid fault doesn’t extend to the Gulf of Mexico, but that detail is perhaps smaller than the fact that no weapon has ever been known to cause an earthquake.

Hodges also predicts that the same earthquake weapon will be used to unleash a 1,500 foot high tsunami against the eastern coast of the United States.

Finally, Hodges predicts that the earthquake weapon will be used to make the radiation leak from the Fukushima nuclear power plant worse than it already is.

Hodges says that this kind of earthquake weapon attack on a nuclear power plant has already successfully been completed in Chile, Malaysia, and Haiti, with horrific effects.

Of course, there is no nuclear power plant in Haiti or in Malaysia or in Chile.

Perhaps that’s because the secret earthquake weapon has already destroyed them, unleashing the horrific disasters that we have all forgotten because of… um… the Matt Smith Doctor Who timey wimey thing. Once you put that piece into the puzzle, it all becomes clear.

These attacks are the only way that Barack Obama will be able to stay in office, says Hodges… no one in the Obama Administration could think of a single alternative.

4 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorist Predicts Specific False Flag Natural Disasters”

  1. Dredd says:

    “no weapon has ever been known to cause an earthquake” … except the fracking equipment – which is not really a weapon I suppose.

    That equipment is not “Dr. Who?” is magic, it is just dumb and stupid.

    They are going nuts with fracking but those fracking quakes are only detected by earthquake detecting machines … generally … because they are tiny quakes.

    But they can do damage to reservoirs and dams.

    The stated reason for martial law by those who developed the plan to enforce it is economic problems (

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  4. dede says:

    there are nuclear power plants in the 3 countries, so you are incorrect>

    See list there are more than 1 nuclear power plants in each of these countries> Chile, Malaysia, and Haiti

    You are reporting FALSE info.

    1. Bill says:

      Actually, the Wikipedia article you cite supports the author’s statement that there are no “nuclear power plants” in Haiti, Malaysia or Chile. Read that citation again; Haiti is not listed as possessing any nuclear reactors. Further, the reactors in Malaysia and Chile are small open-pool reactors, the sort that are used in many colleges for research, and also for the production of radioactive isotopes of medical procedures. They are not power plants (i.e., they don’t generate electricity).

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