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Political Scientists Discover The Price Of Glitz

Political scientists emerged from their laboratories early this morning, weary from a long night of experimentation and data analysis, with a remarkable announcement: They have at long last discovered the price of glitz – a number that has long been the holy grail of political science.

The price of glitz, they announced, is $13,298.43.

This discovery supports a hypothesis that began with the recent discovery that the Patriot Majority USA PAC had spent $13,298.43 on “Online Advertising & Production of ‘Glitz'”. The glitz was used in opposition to Thomas Cotton, a Republican opponent of incumbent right wing Democrat Mark Pryor in the United States Senate.

A similar eruption of glitz was first observed in June of this year, in the same U.S. Senate race, and led to a flurry of activity among political scientists seeking to find ways to measure glitz more objectively.

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