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Space Colonization Update

The space odyssey of 2001 never came to pass. The Jetsons were just a cartoon. Nonetheless, some people are still trying to create human colonies somewhere off the Earth. There’s a lot to do for people who want to make these colonies a reality.

So, what are the aspiring space colonists up to? Not much, on the whole.

The Mars One project has announced that it has narrowed the long list of applicants for its Mars colonization mission down to 1,058 candidates. It hasn’t named those individuals, though.

The Moon Society hasn’t announced any specific movement toward getting people to live on the Moon, so has released a video about the phases of the Moon instead.

The Artemis Society International promises to be “a private venture to establish a permanent, self-supporting community on the Moon”, but only links back to the Moon Society for news of progress toward lunar colonization.

Are these people you would trust to keep you supplied with the heat, oxygen, water, and food you need to survive? Before I believe that they can populate foreign globes in outer space, I’ll need to see them learn to populate an RSS feed with regular news of tangible advancements toward their goals.

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