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Jeff Carr Withdraws from RSA Conference, Expanding RSA-NSA Boycott

Last month, the world found out that RSA, the “security” corporation that sells supposedly lock-tight encryption software to clients worldwide, had actually accepted millions of dollars in payment from the National Security Agency to install a “back door” method allowing the NSA to break RSA clients’ encryption and spy on their communications without a warrant. In response, Mikko Hypponen and Josh Thomas announced that they would cancel their participation from RSA’s 2014 conference in San Francisco.

RSA = NSA logo

Cybersecurity expert Jeff Carr has joined the growing boycott of the RSA conference, explaining why:

“I think it’s vitally important that those of us who profoundly object to RSA’s $10 million secret contract with the NSA do more than just tweet our outrage. We need to take action.

“RSA has issued the weakest of denials possible on Dec 22nd and hasn’t made any attempt to clarify its position since. The company’s denial failed to address most of the troubling points raised in Joe Menn’s article for Reuters. This on top of RSA’shorrible handling of its 2011 SecureID breach has shattered any remaining trust in the company as far as I’m concerned.

“Obviously, I hope that RSA and EMC’s leadership will eventually rise to the occasion and be fully transparent about what happened and why. However unless and until RSA fully addresses this apparent breach of trust, I won’t be speaking at any RSA events nor will I accept RSA as a sponsor at any future Suits and Spooks events.”

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