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Watch Me Summon A Demon

The Super Punch blog on Tumblr provides a number of sigils – glyphs of summoning – that are supposed to command the presence of specific demons. What for? I don’t know why anyone would want to summon a demon, but I admit I’m curious, so, here goes.

malchidael glyphI am hereby placing the sigil of Malchidael here on Irregular Times. Malchidael is the demon of impatience. So, Malchidael ought to arrive here soon…

…any time now…

…I’m still waiting! Shucks. I don’t think this sigil thing works. What a load of bunk.

On the other hand…

Hm. I wonder if there’s a sigil for the demon of cafe mochas.

8 comments to Watch Me Summon A Demon

  • Ohio Vietnam war vet.

    The demons have all been bought by the Waltons, The Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdock and they are sitting in Congress as (R)’s and T-baggers. They have been busy sucking the blood out of the Middle-class and Poor, so the “demon” description fits to a T (bagger.) WE’ve got to get them deported back to Transylvania, ASAP! John of Orange-Boner Boehner is their disheveled sort-of leader.

  • Mark

    You have to physically draw the sigil using paint, sand, chalk, or other similar media. Or you can carve it into wood or fashion it out of other materials such as metal or stone. What you’ve created is nothing more than a series of 0s and 1s in computer code.

    😉 Tongue firmly lodged in cheek.

    • J Clifford

      Of course, all a carving in wood creates is splinters. All sand paintings create are piles of little tiny crystals. What’s the magical difference from a physical drawing?

      Have you tried, Mark, to draw a sigil that would banish the demon of stuck tongues?

  • Malchidael

    You called…?

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