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Far Out Space Photography

Today, astronomy is proving itself to be literally brilliant. The Hubble space telescope has used the gravitational lens created by a cluster of galaxies to obtain images of yet more galaxies, at an even greater distance – 12 billion light years away.

galaxies far far away

zipanuAn image of a much smaller, but equally exciting object in space has been captured by the Gemini Observatory. Gemini snapped an infrared picture of a planet in orbit around Beta Pictoris, a star 63.4 light years away.

Right now, they’re calling the planet Beta Pictoris B. That’s an awfully formal name for a planet that we have now actually seen, and for one that is many times larger than Jupiter, the largest planet in our own solar system. I propose the name Zipanu, after the Estruscan goddess of love (found in the Obscure Goddess Online Dictionary.)

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