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One Out Of Ninety Thousand Demands Worldwide Takeover Of Fukushima!

The Green Shadow Cabinet, an organization that has set itself up as a kind of alternative U.S. government, in order to show what the Green Party would do if it held the White House and Congress, has started 2014 with an interesting proposal: Invade Japan.

No kidding. The Green Party members of the Green Shadow Cabinet are proposing that the United Nations seize authority over the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. The Japanese government doesn’t approve of this plan, but Green Party leaders don’t seem to think that’s relevant.

What they do think is relevant is that there are two petitions demanding that the United Nations be allowed to overrule Japanese sovereignty and take over the Fukushima power plant. Together, these petitions have about 80,000 signatures.

80,000 signatures – that’s the number of people that are added to the world’s population every seven and a half hours. It’s about one out of every 90,000 people on Earth. The Green Party wants to force an international takeover of Japanese territory even though the plan lacks the support of 7 billion, 139 million, 329 thousand people across the globe.

Of course, one could think about it from a different perspective. One could think about the momentum the petitions have. Just think: The number of signatures on the petitions is growing at a slower pace than the world population. At this pace, the Green Party project to invade Japan will keep representing a smaller portion of the Earth’s population. It’s doomed to utter failure.

Is this the kind of proposal that’s supposed to convince Americans that the Green Party is ready to lead the nation? Greens might as well propose a bungee cord ladder from New York City to the Moon.

3 thoughts on “One Out Of Ninety Thousand Demands Worldwide Takeover Of Fukushima!”

  1. Dave says:

    Perhaps the United Nations should first take over the Green Party and take over day to day operations. Sounds like eighty thousand people need some serious supervision.

    1. J Clifford says:

      But, do you have a petition for that yet? Do you have eighty thousand people calling for it to take place?

      1. Dave says:

        I’d rather petition for the bungee cord ladder. That would be interesting.

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