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What’s the Answer to Obama not Answering Petitions? A Petition!

You may be aware that Barack Obama started an Official White House Petitions Website two years ago and promised to issue an official response to any petition that surpassed 100,000 signatures.

You may also be aware that the Obama administration has let a number of successful petitions on the site languish for hundreds of days with no official response.

At first I thought this response was ridiculous:

A Petition on the Obama White House Website We The People demanding that the Obama administration stop ignoring petitions on the website We The People

But there’s something to be said for the absurdist power of a responding to a lack of response with a petition demanding a response that will most likely not be responded to. I think the Dadaists would have approved.

I say we get this puppy above 100,000 just to see what happens next.

Here’s the link:

Spread the word.

One thought on “What’s the Answer to Obama not Answering Petitions? A Petition!”

  1. JoSh says:

    Done, and thanks. Forgot to Petition my Government for Redress of Grievances for a week. Seriously.

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