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Fortune Telling Stressing You Out?

What’s the point of being a mystic, if you can’t keep your accounts straight?  That’s the question addressed by a clairvoyant who goes by the stage name of The Tarot Lady. She has written a book called The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Social Media, Money Management, Wooing Clients + More.

The Tarot Lady explains, “This year, I’m rolling out a new series of mini-guidebooks covering the 12 topics that stress out pro-mystics more than anything else.

Yes, I’m talking about wooing clients, money management, social media boundaries, marketing, and more.

Here’s how it works:

One guidebook will be released every month throughout 2014: The Year of the BO$$.

You can buy the books a la carte – picking and choosing whichever topics you like – for $15 a piece.”

Are you ready to join her circle of transcendence?

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