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As Warrantless Surveillance Scandal Grows Massive, Government’s Privacy & Liberty Board is…

… out to lunch:

Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board: Still Under Construction

As new revelations continue to burst forth — today we find out that even an Internet-free computer is no match for the warrantless spying of the NSA — the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board appears to be planning nothing. The one entity within the federal government tasked with protecting our civil liberties is silent.

2 thoughts on “As Warrantless Surveillance Scandal Grows Massive, Government’s Privacy & Liberty Board is…”

  1. Tom says:

    The evidence that “our” government no longer works “for the people” piles higher with every passing year. How is it going to be returned to a Constitutional body of statespersons with the decades (probably centuries) old corruption so pervasive? It won’t happen over night and makes voting meaningless.

  2. Tom says:

    January 15, 2014

    Obama to the American People: F@ck Off

    The American People Were Right: Obama Won’t Rein In the NSA

    Americans want NSA spying reined in.

    But a poll from November showed that only 11% of Americans trust Obama to actually do anything to rein in spying.

    We were right to be skeptical …

    Today, Obama announced his fake “reforms” … and he’s not doing anything but putting lipstick on the same ‘old pig.

    The New York Times notes that Obama’s “reform”:

    Largely codifies existing practices.

    The Times points out that the reform is meant to placate NSA critics, without actually challenging national security agencies:

    The emerging approach, described by current and former government officials who insisted on anonymity in advance of Mr. Obama’s widely anticipated speech, suggested a president trying to straddle a difficult line in hopes of placating foreign leaders and advocates of civil liberties without a backlash from national security agencies. The result seems to be a speech that leaves in place many current programs, but embraces the spirit of reform and keeps the door open to changes later.

    The Times includes a revealing quote:

    “Is it cosmetic or is there a real thumb on the scale in a different direction?” asked one former government official who worked on intelligence issues. “That’s the question.”

    The answer should be obvious.

    This is – once again – Obama saying “trust me” … without changing anything.

    Obama has repeatedly promised to change policies started in the Bush administration. But – instead of reforming them – he’s reaffirmed them … and made them worse than ever.

    Obama and the NSA have lied over and over again. They have told the American people (and Congress) to f@ck off.

    The real message they are sending is:

    We hold the power … So we’re going to keep doing what we want, and you can’t do anything to stop us.

    And see this. (link to yet more evidence of how bad it is)

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