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Occupy Chicago vs. Occupy Istiklal

Occupy Chicago Appears Moribund

The Occupy Chicago website appears moribund; the last blog post was in early July 2013 and the last YouTube video was posted two years ago.

On the other hand, near Taksim Square in Istanbul, Istiklal Street is still occupied by thousands of protesters who have gathered to oppose efforts by the government to track and censor Internet use. On January 18 2014 the broad street was filled with inventive civil libertarians:

Sansure Dur De // Stop Censorship Protest in Turkey, January 2014

The #SansureDurDe (Stop Censorship) hashtag shares images of what happened shortly after the peaceful scene of civic dissent you see captured above:

In the United States, dissent has deflated. The United States is not everywhere.

One thought on “Occupy Chicago vs. Occupy Istiklal”

  1. Dave says:

    Great video, though it hurts to see the sidewalk cafe get trampled. The food in Instanbul is superb.

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