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It Was So Cold…

It was so cold this morning that my thumb froze, instantly stuck onto the plastic handle of my snow shovel. I know, I should have worn gloves.

How cold is it where you are?

2 comments to It Was So Cold…

  • Fafsa

    It was so cold this morning that a sheet of ice formed on the inside of my car overnight.

  • Tom

    Inside of your car? Shoot, I have a dog door that’s a sheet of ice on the inside of my house. (I only run my heater when we get up – today it’s 46 in here – for a few hours to get it up to about 59, then shut it off until dinner time, after which i shut it off for the night.) My shitty double-pane windows are icy on the inside too.

    It’s not so bad, and after a few years of this you actually get used to it and 60 feels downright tropical!

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