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How Cars Are Killing Coywolves

Nature, the PBS Documentary, has published an infographic in which it declares that “One of the biggest urban threats to the coywolf are automobiles, such as getting hit by a car.”

coywolf car deaths

“…such as getting hit by a car”.

When I read that, I wondered what are the other ways that automobiles are threatening urban coywolves. I did some research, and came across a study by the Urban Coywolf Institute, which has performed a survey of factors that threaten coywolves in urban environments. The following are the automobile-related threats identified by the study, besides actually getting hit by a car:

– Coywolves frequently suffer severe dental injury as a result of trying to eat Impalas, Mustangs, Eagles, and Rams.
– Coywolves living near scenic byways frequented by Harley Davidson owners find it difficult to get enough sleep on nice summer weekends, leading to high cortisol levels
– Cars parked in front of Best Buy store windows block coywolves’ view of their favorite television shows, leading them to become socially ostracized as they are unable to join in discussions around the water hydrant
– Timber wolves, cruising by in their luxury SUVs, intimidate coywolves, which tend to drive pre-owned sedans
– Quiet Prius cars, using their electronic hybrid engines, quietly roll into driveways where coywolves are sleeping, parking on the coywolves’ tails, making them immobile, and unable to hunt for extended periods of time, as Prius owners choose to walk or ride a bike for weeks at a time, rather than drive

One thought on “How Cars Are Killing Coywolves”

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks so much for calling my attention to this. My first reaction was “WTF are coywolves???” which sent me reading up on them. Fascinating, and explains why the ‘coyotes’ I’ve seen trotting across our farm look and behave very differently from the coyotes I’m familiar with from my childhood out West. I think I need a refund on all the tuition I paid for my zoology degree.

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