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The Most Inexplicable Political Twitter Profile I Have Ever Seen

Adam Parkhomenko delivers the most inexplicable Twitter profile in the entire universe

Adam Parkhomenko followed me today on Twitter. Why? I’m not a Hillary Clinton supporter, and I haven’t even mentioned Hillary Clinton. The answer is clear when we find out that Adam Parkhomenko has followed 15,801 people on Twitter. “Who needs smart friends anyways,” Parkhomenko tweeted an hour ago. The strategy seems to be to build up a large number of Twitter followers simply by following a large number on Twitter — there’s no way anyone is reading up on 15,801 Twitter feeds.

Who is this Adam Parkhomenko? A white guy breaking glass ceilings who lives across bridge from Washington, DC’s K Street, telling me he please believes? I am ready to please believe in the nearest bottle of Excedrin.

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