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Michael Grimm, What Do You Do With Boys?

It’s time for a simple personality test: What Do You Do With Boys?

Do you…

– Read boys bedtime stories?
– Make them a nice warm breakfast?
– Provide them with quality education by giving adequate funding to public schools?
– Set up the Xbox and play video games with them?
– Tell them that the sun is shining, so they should go play outside?
– Teach them to treat girls with respect?

michael grimmReaders, I would genuinely like to hear about your ideas about what’s to be done with boys. I also want to take this opportunity, however, to point out the rather extreme ideas a certain U.S. Congressman has about what to do with boys.

Last night, when a TV reporter ended an interview by pointing out that U.S. Representative Michael Grimm was not willing to talk about a corruption investigation of his campaign finance organization, Grimm got angry and told the reporter that he wasn’t a man, but was only a boy.

And what does Congressman Michael Grimm do with boys?

Grimm told the reporter, “You’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half, like a boy.” Just to make it plain that he wasn’t being metaphorical in his threat of physical violence, Congressman Grimm said, “Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again, I’ll throw you off this fucking balcony.”

In Michael Grimm’s world, boys are for breaking in half and throwing off balconies. When Michael Grimm thinks of someone as a boy, he’s thinking of that person as someone he can kill.

New York City, is that really the kind of person you want representing you, and your boys, in Congress?

If not, consider supporting the alternative in this year’s election. Candidate Dominic Recchia doesn’t have any boys in his family himself – he’s the father of three daughters. Recchia has a history of working to help both girls and boys, though. Before he became a member of the New York City Council, he was president of his local school board. When Hurricane Sandy blasted Staten Island, Dominic Recchia was there, working to get residents the supplies and assistance they needed.

Dominic Recchia knows that boys are for protecting and teaching, not for breaking in half and throwing off of balconies. That fundamental difference makes Recchia a much better candidate for Congress than hothead Michael Grimm.

6 thoughts on “Michael Grimm, What Do You Do With Boys?”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:

    First, let’s frame this question in an alternate perspective. We have a stable of horses. One of them kicks the others. What do we do with these horses? Talk to them? Feed them? Train them by giving their groomer more money? Leave them free in the pasture? Teach them to treat girl horses with respect?

    In this simpler model, I think it’s clear that none of the questions lead to effective solutions. I think the same answer applies to the Michael Grimm issue. So, here’s an alternative list of options for readers to consider:

    – Read boys bedtime stories specifically selected to provide models for peaceful crisis resolution. (This is not 3 Little Pigs, or Little Red Hen, or Star Wars, or MOST of the TV, movie or books we know.)
    – Do NOT provide warm breakfast, or Ritalin, without strong psyc counseling just because it “get’s the kids off our backs”. These are cop-outs.
    – Pumping money into bad school programs is NOT going to turn them into QUALITY programs? Our educational system, both public and private, is BROKEN! It’s broken because the educational model is long outdated. But more tragic, it can’t be fixed because the world’s whole SOCIAL MODEL is broken. ( look at ) Until the world wakes up and solves it philosophical crisis, our problems will keep tumbling in the clothes dryer.
    – Play Xbox and other platform video games that teach non-violent crisis resolution – GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
    – Another shot at the warm breakfast and Ritalin game ??? Sorry. How about signing them up for Boy Scouts, 4-H, Civil Air Patrol, Americal Youth Congress …
    – What’s this “girls” thing? Shouldn’t we be teaching them to respect ALL people? And how are we supposed to do that if the SOCIAL MODEL breakdown has seeds in it to instill superiority?

    This article actually opens the door on a very, very big problem. The solution is not simple.

    1. Bill says:

      Well, I’ll tell you, Bruce. I have boys, and I have horses. And in both cases what has worked/does work is this: love them, respect them, and guide them down the path toward good decisions. There’s an old aphorism in the horse trainer community: “Make the right thing easy, and the wrong thing hard.” Works pretty much every time.

      1. hddhdhdhdue says:

        Do you throw your horses off balconies?

        1. Dave says:

          DeBlasio throws them out of parks.

          1. Bill says:

            I just throw them hay.

  2. henry gibson says:

    This guy was obviously ticked off at the reporter. However, the “author” of this piece is just writing a sophomoric piece of junk. It is truly depressing to see what is supposed to pass for clear progressive thinking these days. What I see on this site is obviously not an example of anything valuable.

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