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Irregular Times Donations: Village Enterprise Fund and ACLU

Irregular Times sells sweatshop-free political t-shirts for three reasons:

1) To help spread messages we believe in on the backs of other folks.

2) To keep this website running.

3) In a small way, to help the causes we agree with keep on trucking.

Reason #3 operates through a pledge of ours: every time we sell one of our shirts, we set aside a dollar to donate to a cause in the United States we believe in, and another dollar to go toward helping desperate people outside the United States live better lives.

This month, we’re sending our first small donation to the American Civil Liberties Union. Through thick and thin, the ACLU has been doing meaningful work to resist the growth of the national security state and to protect Americans’ civil liberties from authoritarian goons and zealous bigots. Keep it up, ACLU.

Our second small donation goes to the Village Enterprise Fund, which avoids the exploitation of shady microfinance operators and instead provides outright grants to people starting up small businesses, augmenting those grants with savings programs and education in solid business practices.

The people at the Village Enterprise Fund and the ACLU have committed their lives to making this hard world a little bit more friendly for human beings. Good on them. Can you pitch in a few bucks to help them, too? Good on you.

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