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Suspicious Person Alert: Code Pink Action to Spy on Dianne Feinstein February 11

Whatever else you may think of the activist group Code Pink, they are very rarely boring. In a typical display of theatrical artistic flair, Code Pink has announced that it will be conducting surveillance at the San Francisco house of a Politically Important Person (SPIP), Senator Dianne Feinstein. Senator Feinstein is one of the most authoritarian pro-surveillance, anti-privacy members of the U.S. Senate. Clearly some suspicious activity may be afoot. If Senator Feinstein has nothing to hide, she should have no problem with this surveillance activity carried out on her premises and person… right?

If you live in California and want to take part in a protest that is pointed, timely but also fun, get yourself to San Francisco on February 11! Code Pink encourages you to bring magnifying glasses, telescopes, binoculars, listening devices, flying gizmos and other helpful national security equipment — and if you see something, say something!

When: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 12:00pm
Where: Lyon Street & Vallejo Street San Francisco, CA
Details: Code Pink website

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